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Nutria vs. Alligator vs. Turtle…

Today, I traveled to AR Post in order to continue to put my new camera (5dII) through its paces. It was fairly warm today (mid 70s), so I knew I’d probably find some alligators down there and I did. Something crazy unfolded right in front of me today that’s hard to believe. I stopped my truck when I saw an alligator sunning on top of a nutria nest near the road. These guys usually don’t move much but I thought I’d hang out for awhile to see if he’d become active. I hadn’t been waiting long (about 30 minutes) when a nutria cruised nearby and decided to sit on a nest about 18 inches away from where the 4-foot alligator lay. I thought this nutria was pretty brave for doing this but it’s next move made me realize that the nutria wasn’t brave but stupid. He decided the nest he was in wasn’t comfortable enough so he attempted to take the nest the alligator was on. Needless to say, this didn’t work and you can see in the photo that the alligator didn’t budge a bit.

After waiting for about a second or two the nutria finally realized that he wasn’t going to win this battle and swam back to his nest. Upon his return though, a red-eared slider had claimed the nutria’s nest but this was a battle he could win.

It didn’t take him long or much effort to push this turtle off his nest.

The alligator though, thought this was funny and ended up getting the last laugh….
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Canon 5D MARK II

Yesterday, I received the Canon 5D MARK II that I ordered from B&H Photo, Thursday. This is Canon’s new 21 megapixel camera than can shoot both stills and video. Today, I went out and put it through a test run. I plan to shoot it exclusively this week, so check back here often to read my comments about this new camera and to see some of the pictures and videos that I create.

My initial reaction is that this camera is very good at high ISOs. I did a test and it appears to be quite usable up to ISO 2000. The camera will go to ISO 6400 but that appeared too grainy for my uses. This camera is almost as good as my 1dIII at high ISOs. I think the 1dIII may be a bit cleaner at ISO 1600, but not by much. I’ll report back with more information as I shoot this camera this week.

I’m going to post a rough video from today’s shoot. This video is of Eden Falls. It’s unedited and I’m testing it to see how it works on this blog. I plan to post more video this week as I learn how to use this new tool!!!

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