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Casey Jo ~ Image of the Day ~ 008

I took this image of Casey Jo years ago, but it continues to be a favorite of mine. There are certain people that you meet that you know instantly are going to be your friend. Casey and her husband Jesse are these type of people. It’s been wonderful to work with them and see them off and on through the years and I look forward to being part of their lives for many more to come. Of all the photos I’ve taken, this image has been pinned on Pintrest more than all of the others combined. It has a universal appeal that will always be a favorite of mine. Thank you Casey Jo for hiring me all those years ago to photograph your wedding!


PHOTO NOTES: Location ~ Fayetteville, AR | Date ~ August 27, 2011 | Time ~ 5:36pm | Camera ~ Nikon D3s | Exposure ~ ISO 3200 ~ Aperture f4.5 ~ Shutter Speed 1/250 sec | Lens ~ 35mm

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Grizzly Fight ~ Image of the Day ~ 007

The reason I got interested in taking pictures back in 1993 was due to seeing the cover of an Outdoor Photographer magazine that had a vicious looking grizzly bear snarling at the viewer. I remember saying to myself at the time that I wanted to learn how to take pictures like that. Fast forward to 2005, and I had an opportunity to go to Alaska to photograph grizzly bears. It was a dream of mine to get to go that adventure and to capture this image. These big guys were fighting over a fishing hole. The one on the left won the fight and pushed the other bear away. If you ever have an opportunity to go to Alaska, do it. It will be worth whatever amount you have to spend to get there!


PHOTO NOTES: Location ~ Katmai National Park, AK | Date ~ July 21, 2005 | Time ~ 11:54am | Camera ~ Canon 20D | Exposure ~ ISO 400 ~ Aperture f4.5 ~ Shutter Speed 1/250 sec | Lens ~ 500mm

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Bliss ~ Image of the Day ~ 006

Yesterday, I posted about my transformation from a  wildlife to a wedding photographer. Today’s image, is where I really learned from the best about how to shoot weddings. Even though I had been shooting for 15 years at the time, I never really photographed people. My subjects were mainly outdoor and wildlife. I knew I needed a mentor to learn how to shoot a wedding before attempting to get paid to photograph one myself. I saw an ad for a three-day real wedding photography workshop hosted by Bob & Dawn Davis in Georgia, and I decided to signup to be a part of it. Bob and Dawn are two of the best in the business, and I learned a tremendous amount from them. This image is a prime example. I had never used off camera flash before and there is no way I could have captured the image below without it. I borrowed another attendee’s flash to get this shot. That’s also when I began to love shooting with off camera flash. I owe so much thanks to Bob and Dawn. They have been wonderful mentors though the years!


PHOTO NOTES: Location ~ St. Simons Island, GA | Date ~ October 11, 2009 | Time ~ 7:09pm | Camera ~ Canon 5D Mark II | Exposure ~ ISO 400 ~ Aperture f3.5 ~ Shutter Speed 1/20 sec | Lens ~ 24mm

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