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Bliss ~ Image of the Day ~ 006

Yesterday, I posted about my transformation from a  wildlife to a wedding photographer. Today’s image, is where I really learned from the best about how to shoot weddings. Even though I had been shooting for 15 years at the time, I never really photographed people. My subjects were mainly outdoor and wildlife. I knew I needed a mentor to learn how to shoot a wedding before attempting to get paid to photograph one myself. I saw an ad for a three-day real wedding photography workshop hosted by Bob & Dawn Davis in Georgia, and I decided to signup to be a part of it. Bob and Dawn are two of the best in the business, and I learned a tremendous amount from them. This image is a prime example. I had never used off camera flash before and there is no way I could have captured the image below without it. I borrowed another attendee’s flash to get this shot. That’s also when I began to love shooting with off camera flash. I owe so much thanks to Bob and Dawn. They have been wonderful mentors though the years!


PHOTO NOTES: Location ~ St. Simons Island, GA | Date ~ October 11, 2009 | Time ~ 7:09pm | Camera ~ Canon 5D Mark II | Exposure ~ ISO 400 ~ Aperture f3.5 ~ Shutter Speed 1/20 sec | Lens ~ 24mm

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Pining ~ Image of the Day ~ 005

In mid-2009, I was asked to speak at the Mid America Photography Symposium about my life as a wildlife photographer. Before 2010, that is how I made my living. I photographed outdoor and wildlife images for books and magazines. During the conference, I had a chance to listen to other presenters talk about their photographic careers. One person, spoke about his love for photographing weddings and I thought to myself at the time that this is something I wanted to do. I was not feeling inspired or enjoying my work so I decided then and there that I was going to completely change my business and start shooting weddings. That next day, I along with a few other folks photographed the models you see below. It was my first real effort at trying to photograph people. It’s not my best image by any means but this photo represents the time in my life that I completely changed my course. Many people told me I was crazy for doing this. I just had started getting known for my wildlife work and now I was going to stop pursuing it and do something completely different. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to the naysayers back then. If anything, I wish I started shooting weddings from the very beginning of my career. It’s been wonderful and my life has completely changed since I started photographing weddings five years ago.


PHOTO NOTES: Location ~ Eureka Springs, AR | Date ~ May 17, 2009 | Time ~ 2:25pm | Camera ~ Canon 5D Mark II | Exposure ~ ISO 640 ~ Aperture f4 ~ Shutter Speed 1/100 sec | Lens ~ 110mm

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Osprey ~ Image of the Day ~ 004

I photographed this osprey and its nest in Yellowstone National Park a few years ago. I’ve been fortunate to be able to visit Yellowstone many times and it never gets old. A couple friends and I had been photographing two Sandhill cranes in a field nearby when we spotted this osprey and its mate taking turns bringing sticks and food to the nest. I believe we photographed these raptors for close to two hours before heading to our next adventure and during that time the ospreys took turns gathering sticks and bringing back several fish for their young. I like how this image shows the massive size of their nest. Ospreys can end up with nests 10–13 feet deep and 3–6 feet in diameter!


PHOTO NOTES: Location ~ Yellowstone National Park | Date ~ August 7, 2012 | Time ~ 9:06am | Camera ~ Nikon D3s | Exposure ~ ISO 400 ~ Aperture f4 ~ Shutter Speed 1/1000 sec | Lens ~ 600mm

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